Changing a Church’s DNA

One of our missions here at Ta Ethne is helping churches to change from being missions-minded to becoming missions-active. To that end, one of the resources we offer is The Quest – a handbook that walks a church through the transition process. The Quest has been a huge success, but surprisingly in Great Britain rather than the United States. Could it be that churches in England recognize the problem more clearly than American churches? Or, maybe, are English churches less prideful and more willing to admit their problems and ask for help. Here in the US I run into church after church that believes they are active missionally, only to discover that they mean they give monetary support or take a “missions” trip once a year. A church that is truly missional is active 24/7, 365 days a year in ministering to people all over the globe. They sacrifice, sweat and pray. They change their priorities and their funding to be less about themselves and more about God’s Kingdom. They aren’t worried about adding staff, buildings or making cloned copies of themselves over multiple campuses. They are committed to making disciples across the globe. They are as concerned about people and events in Laos as well as Lincoln, as at home ministering in Florence as in Florida. They look and act different because they are different.

If your church is tired of playing and dreaming of being used by God to actually impact the entire world for Christ, please contact us to schedule a consultation or a seminar. Check out The Quest on Amazon as a starting guide and help to change your church’s DNA.

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