Unreached People Groups

According to the Joshua Project, 41% of the world’s population (2.83 billion) live in groups that are as yet unreached by the message of Jesus Christ. Why? Two thousand plus years after the Savior gave us the command to make disciples of all peoples, why are almost 3 billion people without a witness? Could it be that we do not understand the command to love one’s neighbor as yourself? If I truly love my neighbor, I would want him or her to have what I have – a relationship with Christ. 

Some time ago, when I was working in retail, a disgruntled customer, upset over a company policy, told me to “Go to hell”. This, of course, upset and offended me. Yet, is that not what we are telling people when we refuse to share the gospel with them? In effect, we are telling them that we don’t care about their eternal destiny; we are telling them to just, “go to hell”. Now, you may not say those words – but that is what your inaction says to them. When we are broken over our fellow man’s spiritual condition, when we are horrified at the eternal doom waiting for them, when we are motivated to leave the 99 safe in the fold and go after the 1 wandering in darkness, then maybe all peoples will hear and come to Christ.Image