An Interesting and Thought-Provoking Article on Hell

I recently read a very interesting and thought-provoking article on hell. You can read the article at  While the subject of hell is never a pleasant one to address, it is a doctrine that must be taught. Many people have such skewed ideas of what hell is, who will go there or why it exists, that Christian leaders must help them come to understand the Bible’s teaching on this subject. I am afraid that many churches have abandoned this subject and that is a shame. It is my opinion that they are embarrassed by hell and so they just ignore it altogether.

In my current role role as a hospice chaplain, almost all my patients ask me about hell. They are coming to a realization that there life is almost over and the concept of where they will spend the afterlife is forefront in their mind. I spend much of my time correcting wrong beliefs and showing from Scripture what hell is and why God uses it. Take a look at this article and let it sink in. We need more Christian writers and thinkers who are not afraid to address the unpopular subjects of Scripture.

Hymn Devotions Day 34 – Must I Go, And Empty-Handed?



What a haunting thought, to meet Jesus in heaven and have nothing to show Him. To waste the talents He has given us, to squander the time allotted to us, to waste the opportunities to reach others for His kingdom, what a tragedy. We must work now, before He returns, to reach as many people as we can with the gospel, for when He comes again it will be in judgment and not mercy.

Jesus will not lie to us. He will not say, “Well done my good and faithful servant” if we have not done well nor been good. If we have hidden our talent, as the man in the parable did, if we have refused to live our life for His glory, it will be in shame that we stand before Him.

To live a life with no regrets, to make the most of every opportunity given, to use every minute of every day seeking His will, that should be our goal. Oh if we could have time back. Time to witness once more to friends that have passed away. Time to speak, once again, to family members that have died without Christ. But there is no turning back the clock, we must make the most of every opportunity, redeeming the time we have.

This is a good resolution to make: to seize the time, to earnestly seek after souls and ferret out opportunities to share the gospel. Will we have people in heaven come up to us, thanking us for sharing the gospel with them or will we have people in hell shrieking, asking us why we cared so little for us that we kept our gospel to ourselves? Will we meet Jesus empty-handed?


Lord Jesus, help me redeem the time You have allotted to me to work for the kingdom. Give me souls to witness to, give me opportunities to share. Let me lead others to You so You can save them by Your grace.



Must I go and empty-handed

Thus my dear Redeemer meet

Not one day of service give Him

Lay no trophy at His feet?


Not at death I shrink nor falter

For my Savior saves me now

But to meet Him empty-handed

Thought of that now clouds my brow


O the years in sinning wasted

Could I but recall them now

I would give them to my Savior

To His will I’d gladly bow


O ye saints, arouse, be earnest

Up and work while yet ’tis day

Ere the night of death o’er-take thee

Strive for souls while you still may




Must I go and empty-handed?

Must I meet my Savior so?

Not one soul with which to greet Him:

Must I empty-handed go?












Great Quotes From Ages Past #6

At the turn of the Nineteenth Century, one of America’s leading newspapers addressed the following question to many notable persons in Great Britain:

“What in your opinion is the chief danger, social or political, that confronts the coming century?”

General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, who was invited among others to reply to the question, sent the following:

“In answer to your enquiry, I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost; Christianity without Christ; forgiveness without repentance; salvation without regeneration; politics without God; and Heaven without Hell.” 

Very prophetic if you ask me…


Unreached People Groups

According to the Joshua Project, 41% of the world’s population (2.83 billion) live in groups that are as yet unreached by the message of Jesus Christ. Why? Two thousand plus years after the Savior gave us the command to make disciples of all peoples, why are almost 3 billion people without a witness? Could it be that we do not understand the command to love one’s neighbor as yourself? If I truly love my neighbor, I would want him or her to have what I have – a relationship with Christ. 

Some time ago, when I was working in retail, a disgruntled customer, upset over a company policy, told me to “Go to hell”. This, of course, upset and offended me. Yet, is that not what we are telling people when we refuse to share the gospel with them? In effect, we are telling them that we don’t care about their eternal destiny; we are telling them to just, “go to hell”. Now, you may not say those words – but that is what your inaction says to them. When we are broken over our fellow man’s spiritual condition, when we are horrified at the eternal doom waiting for them, when we are motivated to leave the 99 safe in the fold and go after the 1 wandering in darkness, then maybe all peoples will hear and come to Christ.Image