An Interesting and Thought-Provoking Article on Hell

I recently read a very interesting and thought-provoking article on hell. You can read the article at  While the subject of hell is never a pleasant one to address, it is a doctrine that must be taught. Many people have such skewed ideas of what hell is, who will go there or why it exists, that Christian leaders must help them come to understand the Bible’s teaching on this subject. I am afraid that many churches have abandoned this subject and that is a shame. It is my opinion that they are embarrassed by hell and so they just ignore it altogether.

In my current role role as a hospice chaplain, almost all my patients ask me about hell. They are coming to a realization that there life is almost over and the concept of where they will spend the afterlife is forefront in their mind. I spend much of my time correcting wrong beliefs and showing from Scripture what hell is and why God uses it. Take a look at this article and let it sink in. We need more Christian writers and thinkers who are not afraid to address the unpopular subjects of Scripture.