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Want to help Ta Ethne distribute resources? We are looking for partners to help us do just that. We can have our books drop shipped to your location for you to distribute. The program works like this – you order the amount of books desired from us at a discounted price, usually $5 USD per book. These books are delivered to you and you can distribute them to churches, individuals, retailers, etc.. We do allow you to re-sale the books as long as you do not charge more than $10 USD for them. The goal isn’t to turn a profit, but to distribute the resources. That said, a small amount of of earnings for your time and expense is allowable. All 5 of our books are available under this program, Is Jesus Enough?, both English and Chinese versions, A Heart Hungry to Worship,40 Days of Praise: A Hymn Devotional, and The Quest: Changing a Church’s DNA from missions-minded to missions-active
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Preface to The Quest: Changing a Church’s Culture From Missions-minded to Missions-active

A prominent Christian author makes the statement, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” (Piper, 1993) Another Christian author rebuts with the assertation that, “Actually missions exists because true worship does.” (Blue, 2001) Both of these statements are true. The need for missions exists because there are people in the world who do not worship Jesus Christ as Lord and the response to reach these people with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ comes from those who already worship Him.

As believers mature spiritually, the realization of Christ’s desire for all His children to be ambassadors for Him brings them into a crisis point. Will they remain inwardly focused on their growth as a follower of Jesus Christ or will they focus outward toward those who have yet to become children of God? The answer to this question has enormous consequences for both individual Christians and churches because churches, made up of individual Christians, reflect their constituents. Just as there is a level of spiritual maturity one cannot rise above until they have experienced leading a person to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, there is a level of spiritual growth in a church that will not be broached until the church is focused on reaching the world for their Master. A church made up of inward looking members will primarily exist for itself. A church made up of outwardly focused individuals will focus beyond their four walls.

Moving a church from being inwardly focused to being missions-minded and eventually missions-active should be the goal of her leaders. This book will explore how to move a church from being missions-minded (or missions-aware) to missions-active.


The Quest is available in print or Kindle from or

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In exchange for book reviews, Ta Ethne is offering a free PDF copy of any of our books. This is how the program works. You contact us with your email information and which book you would like to review. You may choose from:

Is Jesus Enough?

The Quest: Changing a Church’s Culture from Missions-minded to Missions-active

A Heart Hungry to Worship

We will send you a PDF copy of any (or all) of these books. In exchange for this, you agree to post a review (within 2 weeks) on at least 2 public forums, one of which will be  Other suggested sites include Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Smashwords or another prominent book review site or blog. In your review, you need to state that you received a free copy of the book to review, in the interest of full disclosure.

After you have posted your reviews, please email us a link to them so we can share it with others. Thank you in advance for helping Ta Ethne resource Christian leaders throughout the world.

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Free Kindle Book – The Quest

Today through Tuesday, we are excited to offer the resource: The Quest, Changing a Church’s Culture from Missions-minded to Missions-active free of charge. Simply go to the link below and get your copy for Kindle or PC


Changing a Church’s DNA

One of our missions here at Ta Ethne is helping churches to change from being missions-minded to becoming missions-active. To that end, one of the resources we offer is The Quest – a handbook that walks a church through the transition process. The Quest has been a huge success, but surprisingly in Great Britain rather than the United States. Could it be that churches in England recognize the problem more clearly than American churches? Or, maybe, are English churches less prideful and more willing to admit their problems and ask for help. Here in the US I run into church after church that believes they are active missionally, only to discover that they mean they give monetary support or take a “missions” trip once a year. A church that is truly missional is active 24/7, 365 days a year in ministering to people all over the globe. They sacrifice, sweat and pray. They change their priorities and their funding to be less about themselves and more about God’s Kingdom. They aren’t worried about adding staff, buildings or making cloned copies of themselves over multiple campuses. They are committed to making disciples across the globe. They are as concerned about people and events in Laos as well as Lincoln, as at home ministering in Florence as in Florida. They look and act different because they are different.

If your church is tired of playing and dreaming of being used by God to actually impact the entire world for Christ, please contact us to schedule a consultation or a seminar. Check out The Quest on Amazon as a starting guide and help to change your church’s DNA.