I Wonder As I Wander

No, I’m not speaking of the folk Christmas song. I’m speaking of the impact of God’s creation on me as I travel. I have spent time both in the US and Canada, Europe and Asia. I have met multitudes of people and seen seen great wonders both natural and man-made. Yet, the more I experience the mundane, ordinary world around my doorstep, the more overwhelmed I am with God’s creativity and goodness. Everyday this spring, from the saucer magnolias to the pecan trees, God has put on a fantastic display of color. In watching chickens grow from hatchlings to hens and roosters, from observing fruits and vegetables bud and bloom God’s great design in creation is evident.

And so I wonder, do we take time to honor God for His creation on a daily basis? Do we see His handiwork in our yard as easily as the night sky? Are we so accustomed to waiting for the spectacular to occur we miss God in the common things? Perhaps that is one small reason Jesus came to a pair of humble peasants to be born. If God could use such common things to do the uncommon, perhaps that is His modus operandi?  The more time I take to observe all that is around me the closer I draw to God. I become more thankful, more grateful, more awe-struck.

I wonder as I wander just how many more wonders of His creation await my discovery as I become more observant. Take some time this week to wander and observe. Commune with God as you wander and ask Him to help you observe His handiwork on a level you haven’t experienced before. You will learn much more about God and it both enrich and refresh your soul.