Fiction Review for Bethany House — A Sensible Arrangement

On occasion, we are sent both fiction and non-fiction books to review. This one, from Bethany House, is by Tracie Peterson and is an historical fiction. The following is a copy of the review we wrote on Goodreads. We give it 4 of 5 stars.

For fans of the genre, A Sensible Arrangement is a book that will be well worth their time. Tracie Peterson has written a story with good characters, both main characters and supporting characters. As with all her books, there is always someone who comes to a realization of their need for God. This takes place when they hit rock-bottom in their life and this story is no exception. When one of the characters realizes the impact and hurtfulness of her lying, she begins to understand her sinfulness and comes to repentance and faith in Christ. 
The only quibble would be the way the book ends. It could have ended at the end of the next to last chapter. Instead, it ends focusing on the supporting characters, which could be the set up for a second book to follow. If not, the way it ends is not bad and the author may just have intended to tie up loose ends. 
Favorite quote: “I just thought maybe in the absence of love, that anger had created hate.” “No,” Marty said, shaking her head. “It’s not created anything. It’s left a void.” 
A copy of this book was received by me from Bethany House to review.asatp