Please Pray For The 33 Detainees Awaiting Execution In North Korea. But Please Don’t Call Them Underground Christians

Please read and pray

Do the Word

SUSA-KoreanMy sincere thanks and professional appreciation go out to Radio Free Asia’s Joon-ho Kim,  Hyosun Kim. and Rachel Vandenbrink for what in my view is perhaps the only credible story among the large media outlets regarding the dozens of people now being held in North Korea in connection with South Korean missionary Kim Jung Wook’s ill-conceived effort to travel to Pyongyang using false papers, allegedly in the hope of planting 500 underground churches.

You may recall my post a few weeks back in which I cautioned you not to believe everything you read in the media about North Korea, especially when it comes to stories about underground Christians. This past weekend proved a textbook example. One media outlet in Korea ran a single-source story (i.e., one without confirmation from other sources) that, as it was picked up by other media outlets (including the Washington Times and Fox news) and retweeted…

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