Two Practical Ways To Do Good To Your Enemies

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WLO_doinggood I’ve hardly had any real enemies during my lifetime.  I’ve certainly had people that I didn’t like and people that didn’t like me, but I’ve rarely had anyone that I could truly call an enemy.  A few years ago that all changed, as one such man entered my life and literally turned everything upside down.  I had to quickly make a decision on how I was going to do good to the man that hated me .  Here are two practical ways that I did good to him while he was still my enemy.

Prayed for my enemy!  We know that Jesus commanded it (Matthew 5:44), and yet taking this first step can be very difficult.  In fact, when I was dealing with the enemy I described above, I hadn’t even thought of doing this basic thing.  A dear friend of mine encouraged me to do this and…

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