100 Days Campaign Update: China Is (Unsuccessfully) Blocking Our North Korea Christian Radio Broadcast

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SUSA-KoreanScore one more for the North Korean Underground Church:

Seoul USA‘s NK-led, 100% Christian nightly shortwave radio broadcast has become the target of Chinese cooperation in blocking attempts, adding to the (ultimately unsuccessful) ongoing blocking efforts of the North Korean government.

Analysts note Chinese efforts to specially target a broadcast into North Korea are largely unheard of. That they would specially target our humble little (zillion megawatt) home-brewed effort of North Korean Christians makes you wonder if they understand the power of the gospel more than we do.

Jamming efforts are the best indicator we have of how threatening the NK regime considers our broadcast to be. That the Chinese have been invited to the jamming party is a better-than-best indicator…and it makes me button-busting proud of the North Korean Christians who are involved in the broadcast. It’s 1 Corinthians 1:26 in action.

An analyst told me something interesting…

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