Ta Ethne is considering a relocation this summer to better serve Christian leaders. Since a majority of our efforts are focused overseas, it seems prudent to locate somewhere closer to an international airport than where we currently are in Montana. We are looking at the Mid-West or Southeast primarily. Another consideration is the desire to plant a church which has, as one of its core foundations, a mission-focus. By developing disciples with a Christian worldview and hands-on mission and ministry opportunities, we can better serve our brothers and sisters in the global Kingdom for many years to come. So many opportunities for us to help minister arrive weekly that we simply cannot meet them all without expanding.
Would you partner in prayer with us as we seek a new location to base Ta Ethne out of? Perhaps you know of an area that would be ideal or a group of people who are ready to commit to developing a deep relationship with believers overseas. Maybe you know of churches who would desire us to help teach and train their members and partner with us.
Keep us in prayer as we seek the new direction God would have us go in 2013 and thank you for being part of this exciting expansion of services!