The Continued Evolution of Ta Ethne

Ta Ethne is continuing to grow. 2012 saw some amazing results, many more ministry opportunities and some wonderful friends made from different parts of the world. Resources were added and the support has been overwhelming. 2013 seems to be full of even more opportunity. Currently we are exploring a new web host for our ministry, which will allow us to post videos and podcasts that are more accessible than what we are using now. With the Lord’s blessing, we will be looking to launch the new website before April.
The blog here will continue as before, and hopefully we will be able to integrate it into our new web site as well. WordPress has been a terrific partner, with their customer support being very helpful with us. For that reason, we will continue using this forum as our primary news outlet in keeping you updated with the day-to-day activities here at Ta Ethne.
Ta Ethne also has a new email address:
We also hope to start using our Facebook page more consistently in 2013. So many of our followers use this particular social media application that we are working on a schedule to use our page more effectively.
Continue to be in pray as God grows us and enables us to serve His ministers even more effectively this year. If you have a prayer need, please email us at