The Downward Spiral of Sin

One of the best messages I have heard (and I wish I could remember the speaker’s name) was entitled “Cain at the Guggenheim – the downward spiral of sin”. The speaker used the famous New York City museum, which spirals ever downward, as an illustration of what sin entices us to do. On every level of the museum there is an exit. It may be hard to find, but it is there. In the same way, through every temptation we face there is an exit, if we will discipline ourselves to look for it and take it. If we do not, we find ourselves digging a hole deeper and deeper into despair.

Sin so easily entices us. It is easy, attractive, fun for a season. The ramifications of sin, though, are destructive and entangles us so thoroughly that once we are snared it takes a miracle of God to set us free. Stop and think is one of the Bible’s overarching themes, although couched in different terms. Stop and think, is this going to please God or anger Him? Stop and think, will this build someone up or tear them down? Stop and think, is this a wise course of action or a foolish one? Stop and think, will this draw me closer to God or push me farther away? Stop and think, is this what God has commanded or simply what I want to hear?

We tell our children all the time, stop and think. Think through the consequences of any action. What will happen if I do this, what will happen if I do not do this. It is amazing to me, that God gave us this wonderful, reasoning organ we call the brain and how little we use it.  Stop and think. No one “falls” into sin. We choose it. Deliberately. Because we like it, we like how it makes us feel, we think the potential consequences are worth it. Stop and think. That kind of reasoning will put you on the broad ramp spiraling down to destruction. Sin crouches at your door seeking to master you, like it did Cain. Rise up, put on God’s armor, seek His will and He will help you to master yourself and to throw off the shackles of sin.