Thoughts on Salvation

Many times I have people ask me, “When were you saved?”. While they are well meaning, I fear that they do not know exactly what they are asking. You see, I am still being saved. In a very real sense, I was set apart before the foundation of the world in Christ Jesus. God knew whom He would call to be one of His. Yes, on March 26, 1973 I surrendered my life to His control, His Lordship, begging His forgiveness, seeking His mercy, grace and forgiveness. I am still being saved – from this world, our adversary, my own foolish desires and actions. Jesus is alive and active through His Spirit in my even now and He Himself makes intercession for me before the Father continually. I will be saved. He is coming for me (or sending angels to escort me to Him) where I will continue to be saved for all eternity.

When was I saved? A long time ago, today and tomorrow. I know in whom I have believed. And I am persuaded that He is able to keep my soul, which I committed to Him, against the day of judgment. I know He called me and made me His own and that He has the power to keep, sustain and guide me. Jesus isn’t just One who can save, He is the One who does save.