Highlights Around The World – #5 Uganda

Some years ago, when I was teaching at Yellowstone Baptist College, I had the privilege of having Grace Halland in my class. Grace was an exceptional student, with a passion for sharing the gospel and God’s Word. How pleased I was to learn of her plans to follow up Bible school by working with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Grace is now in Entebbe, Uganda, working with the translation teams.

This work is critical. The ability to get God’s Word into the hands of those who need to hear its life-changing message, in their own language, is priceless. I enjoy receiving Grace’s newsletter, as she not only keeps us informed of her work, but also of her life. It is rewarding to see her growth in the Lord, the maturing of her spirituality as she labors for the Kingdom. It is humbling to know that she has given her life to the people of Uganda – not just in translation work, but by adopting children and making a home there. It is satisfying to know that in a very, very small way, I was able to be part of her life, in the time God was speaking to her, calling her to this life of service.

We never know what impact we have on others. We never know how we will influence a person – not just for good or bad, but also in a large way or a small way. God takes all of those influences and works His work in the lives of His children. I am proud of Grace and the work of all Wycliffe translators. I am proud that God enabled me to meet her and spend time with her during her senior year. I do not for a minute take even the smallest part of credit for anything God has done or will do through Grace. It is I that have been influenced by her and her faithfulness.

Lift her up in prayer alongside me. Write to her through wycliffe.org and get to know this amazing person. Look around, God may place you in the path of one of His servants and the relationship you make will be eternal.

Newsletter Coming Soon

Work has begun on a newsletter to keep subscribers informed of opportunities Ta Ethne is receiving. This will be a new venture for us, as everything to this point has been funded in house, along with proceeds from the sale of our books, paying for travel overseas, discipleship training materials, etc.  For us, we have reached the point where we will begin soliciting subscribers to a monthly (possibly in the future bi-monthly) newsletter, print or electronic. This will enable us to act on requests from India, Philippines, China and other countries who want us to come and share with them.

We are also setting up on-line donations through PayPal, accessed from our website, http://www.discernmentministries.webs.com.  The website is also undergoing transformation, with an easier book store page and navigation tools. We will also be actively looking for translators for our books and bible studies. We have had such success with translating Is Jesus Enough? into Chinese that we want to branch out into Hindi, Spanish and other languages.

Continue to keep us in prayer as we follow God in this exciting time of transition. Who knows, maybe you will join us as a partner holding the ropes or going with us overseas. With God, all things are possible.