Seminar Notes From Our Future of Islam Conferences

Here at Ta Ethne we strive to bring the best seminars possible on topics facing the church. One of our most popular seminars is called The Future of Islam. It is a look at the Islamic religion through the lens of Scripture. It is informative, historically accurate and biblically based. When quotes on Islamic history or the Qur’an is used, we use the works of Muslim scholars so that no charge of bias can be formulated. We felt that by posting our PowerPoint outline on our website, it would not only be a great advertising tool for our seminars but also a resource for other church leaders. If you would like to use our resource you may, simply credit us and, if you will, drop us an email at to let us know where it is being used. If you would like to schedule a seminar on this or other topics, give us a call or send an email request. May God bless you and remember — keep praying for Muslims and the Arab people in particular.


The Future of Islam

The 180 project

Ta Ethne is in the process of developing our newest resource, tentatively named the 180 project. This resource will focus on the concept of repentance. Plans are being drawn up for a book, study guide and supplemental lessons. Also being developed is a seminar/conference on this concept as well. The premise for all of these resources is built on the biblical definition of repentance. Repentance is much more than feeling remorse or sorrow over an action. It is much more than just stopping sinful behaviors. It includes replacing those behaviors with godly actions. Simply to stop doing wrong is only a 90 degree change. Replacing, for example, foul language with edifying language is a 180 degree shift.
Pray for us to finish the current project on Jude and to begin work on this exciting new venture.

Weekly Writing Challenge: From Mundane to Meaningful – A Conference Surprises

17 years of meetings. Another conference in another city. Different topic, different speakers but overall the same. A few notes written, a few ideas stolen and then life returns to normal. Except this week. I wasn’t expecting much out of the conference. In fact, I didn’t even remember what the theme of this conference was. I just thought it would be a nice retreat with my family since this was one of the few all of us could attend. Little did I know I would be ambushed by something profound and meaningful.

It turns out that the theme for this conference was “Sifted”. It was a marriage retreat in disguise. From speakers to counselors and testimonies of peer couples, we were exposed to a time whose goal was to strengthen marriages. Even worse, the conference had built in accountability. We were given homework to do both individually and as a couple, and then in the next session we discussed our answers.

I then understood why they had counselors. We each had to (after a seminar on the 5 greatest needs in a man’s and a woman’s life) grade ourselves on how well we thought we were doing in each area. Then we graded our spouse on how well they were doing meeting our needs. Then the twist – we had to get alone with our spouse and reveal the answers to each other – needless to say they did not always agree! On the upside, I believe each of us left the conference having been open and honest, as well as beginning to work on issues that needed addressing.

If I had known in advance what the conference was really going to be about, I would not have gone. Too much pride, too much fear of vulnerability, too much worry about peer approval. Now I am glad I did go. My family will be better for it because I learned what I needed to change.

Now if only all conferences could be so meaningful…