Sabbatical Over, Gearing Up for 2017

Refreshed, invigorated, ready to roll. These words sum up how I feel after taking a sabbatical over this last year. While still speaking in churches and serving in the community, a much needed break has allowed me to refocus on potential avenues of service.

One such opportunity has presented itself just recently. Berean Bible Baptist in Binalbagan, Philippines has invited me to come and speak at a youth event in April of 2017. This is a great opportunity for Ta Ethne. I have been friends with Pastor Janel Vergara Nemeno for 5 years now and he is doing a fantastic job in Binalbagan.

In keeping with the mission to provide teaching and discipleship resources at little or no cost to churches worldwide, we will be going free of charge to this event, God willing. Because of the sabbatical, I have started a Go Fund Me account to help offset the cost of the trip. Normal channels of funding will take time to re-establish due to the long period of relative inactivity from this site, but I believe that God will provide.

Should you desire to help fund this trip, there is a paypal button on our site or you can go to and donate through there.

Keep us in your prayers and know that 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting chapter in the history of Ta Ethne.


Highlights Around the World – #4 Philippines

One ministry we have had the privilege of corresponding with is that of Berean Bible Baptist Church in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, Philippines. From youth camps to world missions conferences, this ministry reaches out constantly to people who need to hear the gospel. Under the leadership of Pastor Janel Nemeno, they have grown to be shining example of faithfulness. Last year we cried with them as their building burned to the ground. The photos can be seen here:

We rejoiced with them this year, seeing a new building rising from the ashes, due in part to generous donations from fellow believers all across the globe. Pictures of their new building can be seen here:

This ministry never lost a beat during the loss. Services and ministries continued to grow and God has blessed them greatly. A Christian academy and a bible college are just 2 of their many ministries. They have sent out missionaries to start many churches throughout the region from the very beginnings of their church. You can read more about this church here: Janel Nemeno – Info – Overview  Would you continue to pray for this ministry? Lift up this pastor and his family and pray the Lord’s blessings on their commitment to not only sharing the gospel, but also on their commitment to training Christian leaders and the sending out of missionaries.

Newsletter Coming Soon

Work has begun on a newsletter to keep subscribers informed of opportunities Ta Ethne is receiving. This will be a new venture for us, as everything to this point has been funded in house, along with proceeds from the sale of our books, paying for travel overseas, discipleship training materials, etc.  For us, we have reached the point where we will begin soliciting subscribers to a monthly (possibly in the future bi-monthly) newsletter, print or electronic. This will enable us to act on requests from India, Philippines, China and other countries who want us to come and share with them.

We are also setting up on-line donations through PayPal, accessed from our website,  The website is also undergoing transformation, with an easier book store page and navigation tools. We will also be actively looking for translators for our books and bible studies. We have had such success with translating Is Jesus Enough? into Chinese that we want to branch out into Hindi, Spanish and other languages.

Continue to keep us in prayer as we follow God in this exciting time of transition. Who knows, maybe you will join us as a partner holding the ropes or going with us overseas. With God, all things are possible.