Re-Teaching Guide Resource

This is a great resource, courtesy of BrookHills Church in Birmingham, Alabama. David Platt is the pastor there, and they have developed a re-teaching guide to help their members take a sermon and use it to teach others. This is a 7-day intensive exercise to expand the sermon from one hour a day into a week long discipleship course. The end goal is to allow each person to then re-teach the sermon to someone else. I have used a modified version of this for years with great results. Enjoy!



Top 5 (Living) People I’d Like To Spend A Day With

Here is my current list of the top 5 living people I would like to spend an entire day with:

1) David Platt – author of Radical – pastor in Alabama

2) Condoleezza Rice – such an intelligent person in many areas

3) Charlie Martin — my first real spiritual mentor

4) Emmitt Smith — a great football player and all-around cool dude.

5) Warren Buffett — who wouldn’t want his financial advice?

That’s my list – what’s yours?