Weekly Photo Challenge — Change

Why a picture of a diaper? Because my wife started a business manufacturing custom cloth diapers (www.damorydiapers.com) after a failed adoption. We thought we were adopting a little girl at birth, but a changed mind by the mom led to our disappointment. An even bigger change occurred when, 11 months later, we were contacted about adopting the same little girl — this time successfully. So change happened twice, a new business and a new daughter. Funny how life’s only constant is change.

Blue Alien Diaper

Companies Ministering

Here at Ta Ethne we salute companies that see their work as a ministry for God rather than for making profit. Not that making profit is wrong. After all, if one doesn’t make a profit, one cannot stay in business. We salute those who see the reason for their business as being a vehicle or platform to extend works of mercy and ministry in God’s name to others. One such business is DaMory Diapers (www.damorydiapers.com). This small business does big Kingdom work. They manufacture cloth diapers, which are good for the environment and for babies. More than that, though, is the fact that they give away new diapers to local crisis pregnancy centers, give discounts to clergy families and discounts to those in financial need. Many times they donate almost as many diapers as they sell in a month. The reason – by sharing with those in need, it builds relationships and opens the door to sharing the gospel.

When a company or business sees itself as an instrument of God’s Kingdom, God blesses them with the ability to continue to impact others. Let us know of other businesses that see themselves as ministers of the gospel so we can salute them too.