Help Build Our Donor List

Recently we have had a flood of requests from all parts of the globe to come and train pastors and other Christian leaders. Those requests have come from Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South America and other parts of the USA. Right now there are too many needs for us to meet at our current funding level. Will you be in prayer that God raises up some monthly donors to help us? Now through the end of February we will try a campaign to find new donors. For every person who gives a $5 donation or more, we will send a copy of our book, Is Jesus Enough to them. Just click on the donate button and securely donate through paypal. If this seems to go well, we will try and do a monthly giveaway of books or other resources to those who donate. Would you pass the word along to those who may benefit from our website? Would you pray about partnering with us to help train Christian leaders and pastors? Thank you, in advance, from Ta Ethne.

Why Ta Ethne?

Because of the tremendous opportunities extended by brothers and sisters in churches across the globe, Discernment Ministries of Montana needed to reorganize to keep up with demand. Our ministry, launched first in 1995, began by bringing discipleship training and missions opportunities to the Big Sky country. In 2005, we extended our training into Asia, at the request of national pastors there. Demand for training in God’s Word continues to increase, so to be better stewards of God’s gifts we are in the process of reorganizing in Ta Ethne. Stay tuned as we share stories of overseas events, mission opportunities, testimonies and resources.