Top 5 (Living) People I’d Like To Spend A Day With

Here is my current list of the top 5 living people I would like to spend an entire day with:

1) David Platt – author of Radical – pastor in Alabama

2) Condoleezza Rice – such an intelligent person in many areas

3) Charlie Martin — my first real spiritual mentor

4) Emmitt Smith — a great football player and all-around cool dude.

5) Warren Buffett — who wouldn’t want his financial advice?

That’s my list – what’s yours?

Great Quotes From Ages Past – #3

This is a great quote taken from A Puritan Golden Treasury:

“Christ is to be answerable for all those that are given to Him, at the last day, and therefore we need not doubt but that He will certainly employ all the power of His Godhead to secure and save all those that He must be accountable for. Christ’s charge and care of these that are given to Him, extends even to the very day of their resurrection, that He may not so much as lose their dust, but gather it together again, and raise it up in glory to be a proof of His fidelity; for, saith He, “I shall lose nothing, but raise it up again at the last day.”

Thomas Brooks


Great Quotes From Ages Past – #2

Completely agree with this quotes:

Sometimes we are inclined to think that a very great portion of modern revivalism has been more a curse than a blessing, because it has led thousands to a kind of peace before they have know their misery; restoring the prodigal to the Father’s house, and never making him say, “Father, I have sinned

C.H. Spurgeon


Dale Ralph Davis has said, “It is not only by grace alone that we become God’s people but by grace alone we remain His people.” I don’t care if one is Calvinist or Arminean, we can both agree on this statement. We are saved by grace alone, Ephesians is very clear on that. We are also kept by the power of that same grace, given to us as a gift from God. We do nothing before salvation to merit it and we do nothing after salvation to merit keeping it. Has anyone lived perfectly, even after being born again? No? Then it is only by God’s grace we remain in fellowship with Him. The more one studies grace in Scripture, the more amazing it becomes.

As the Canons of Dort  expresses it, “God does not owe this grace to anyone. For what could God owe to one who has nothing to give that can be paid back? Indeed, what could God owe to one who has nothing of his own to give but sin and falsehood?” I leave you this morning with one other quote to ponder, this one from Alistair Begg: “As a result of grace, we have been saved from sin’s penalty. One day we will be saved from sin’s presence. In the meantime we are being saved from sin’s power.” Amen and praise God for His grace.




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