– A sheynem dank! (!אַ שיינעם דאַנק / !אַ דאַנק)

In the writing of our newest resource, The 180º Project, (which has run into some delays) we recently received permission from the Judaism website, to use an article of theirs to illustrate a point. Getting this cooperation has helped in the writing of the book and, I believe, enhanced it in many ways. Their helpfulness was refreshing and graciously given. Their website is a fountain of information  of Jewish practice and values and is a great resource for those wishing to explore the religious mindset of modern Jews.

Allowing this article to be used by Ta Ethne was a generous gesture. We thank them for their kindness and encourage our readers to check out their site. You will learn about customs, practices, history and how faith intersects life for many Jewish people today. It has been a rare experience for us to find the blend of knowledge, wisdom and humbleness as they have extended to us.  Again, thank you very much!